Fiscal Year Technology Budget Time-Line

A technology budget is done well with planning and vision.  working 5 years out allows you to forecast needs and shift obligations between years to best find balance in your budget and to ensure your critical technology is maintained while ensuring strong security controls are kept up to date.

Due to unforeseen circumstances; like the supply chain issues we are faced with it is even more critical to plan your projects in advance.

Another reason to plan ahead is to take advantage of grant opportunities like USAC E-Rate.  The RFP window will keep you busiest from October to January,  To be most successful it is important to have done your research and understand your scope of work.  Be sure there is clear business understanding of the E-Rate funding process for your district; operations vs capital and does your district want to take advantage of the SPI method where the district will only be invoiced their responsible portion of the selected vendor invoice or the alternative being the district pays in full and requests funding directly through USAC.

If you need any assistance when it comes to technology needs and timelines, Twin Lakes Consulting is here to help.